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Water and Sewer

Expertise in Water and Sewage District Law

Trust our team's long history working on behalf of government entities and municipal utilities, including wastewater collection and treatment entities and public water suppliers. Solving the regulatory and government-facing legal problems facing water and sewer districts requires an expert understanding of local, state, and federal laws. Our firm's experience with water and sewer district law spans EPA regulation, rural water jurisdiction disputes, municipal utility cybersecurity, water treatment standards, regulatory compliance, and more. 

Experienced Attorneys for Water and Sewer Districts

Our attorneys deliver results when it comes to water and sewer district regulation, litigation, and planning. Having provided excellent legal advise to clients in multiple states, let our firm solve your water and sewer district needs. 

Focus Areas

  • 208 Planning
  • Strategic Merger and Acquisition:
  • Board Governance
  • Construction Contracts, Administration, and Litigation:
  • Human Resources & Employee Manual Development:
  • Eminent Domain & Easements
  • Territory Protection Under 1926(b)
  • Union Negotiations & Collective Bargaining
  • Utility User Agreements
  • Water Purchase & Supply Agreements
  • Procurement & Bidding
  • Regulatory Compliance (EPA/CWA/SDWA)
  • Sewer/Water Rate Defense

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 208 Planning?

Section 208 of the Clean Water Act (CWA) requires that water quality management plans (WQMP) be prepared by states and designated areawide agencies. Water Quality Management (208) plans describe and promote efficient and comprehensive programs for controlling water pollution from point and nonpoint sources in a geographic area. 

How can a sewer or water district protect its territory under 7 USC 1926?

If your water or waste facility utilizes certain federal funding to operate, you may be protected under 7 USC 1926(b) from encroachment of your territory. 

What new EPA guidance exists for the cybersecurity of water facilities?

States must now evaluate the adequacy of the cybersecurity of that operational technology for producing and distributing safe drinking water. Sanitary surveys exist to identify significant deficiencies in water facility systems. 

How can my water or sewer district get started with a DGMP attorney?

If you are in need of legal assistance related to water and sewer, look no further than Dooley Gembala. Our experienced lawyers can help you understand the laws governing your situation, protect your rights, and provide invaluable services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you! Give us a call at (440) 930-4001 or visit our law offices at 5455 Detroit Road, Sheffield Village, Ohio 44054.


Dooley Gembala is among the top-rated law firms in the Lorain County area. From corporate litigation to family disputes, there is a specialized attorney at Dooley Gembala who can tend to your legal needs. With more than 30 practice areas, clients can rest assured that the attorneys at Dooley Gembala have the expertise and experience needed for successful outcomes. Schedule your consultation online here or give us a call at (440) 930-4001. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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