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Agriculture and Produce

Protect Your Family Business

Farming is often a family business passed down through multiple generations. This is why it is important to have experienced legal advisors who can protect the family's business and help to ensure its future. Our team counsels farm owners about their real estate leases, business succession plans, employment issues, water agreements, real estate purchase agreements, regulatory complexity, equipment purchases, and more. 

Implementing Farm Succession Plans

We assist agribusiness and farming clients with succession planning for the gradual transfer of management of the farm from one generation to the next, as well as inheritance planning to determine the legal transfer of farm assets from one generation to the next. Assets often include land, buildings, machinery, livestock, crops in storage, and supplies.

Real Estate Purchase Agreements

Our attorneys are experienced in drafting and executing real estate purchase agreements that outline the terms and conditions of the purchase, ensuring that all aspects of a transaction are legally binding and fit the parameters set by each party. We help to execute legal document that protects your interests and your business holdings.

Farm Leases

The lease defines the rights between the landlord and the tenant, and outlines how the landlord/tenant relationship will function. Competition and growing costs accelerate the need to sign a written lease that documents the responsibilities of both the farm owner and the lessee. A lease is a legally enforceable contract that allows the owner of real property, equipment, and/or livestock to convey the right to use that property to a person in exchange for rent. Typically a lease lasts for a longer period of time than a rental agreement.

Guaranteed Compliance

Our team carefully examines legal and legislative developments to guarantee that our clients comply with constantly evolving industry regulations. We collaborate with industry associations to educate their members on how to create equitable growing and marketing contracts that safeguard both parties' legal interests.

Get Paid With PACA

The Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) regulates the buying and selling of perishable agricultural commodities, such as fruits and vegetables. Our Firm helps growers and agribusiness marketers when they have customers who are slow to pay or don't pay at all. We represent clients in federal lawsuits related to PACA. Our attorneys assist with USDA administrative initiatives that help our farming and agribusiness clients to achieve growth and new market opportunities across rural America.

Our litigators help clients overcome issues impacting them that are related to unfair trade practices, including failing to make full payment promptly for produce purchases, misbranding or mislabeling of produce, making false and/or misleading statements in connection with produce transactions, and employing individuals under employment restrictions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PACA?

The Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) is a federal law that sets out regulations regarding transactions involving the purchase and sale of perishable agricultural commodities. This law helps protect growers and marketers when they have customers who are slow to pay or don't pay at all.

What if I don't have a family business?

We understand that not everyone has a family business. Our team of experienced legal advisors can provide invaluable advice and guidance for agricultural estate planning, real estate purchase agreements, farm leases, and much more to any farm owner. We are dedicated to helping agribusinesses across the country succeed, no matter the size or type.

Do you provide services to individuals as well?

Yes, we are happy to provide individuals with legal advice and guidance on agricultural estate planning, real estate purchase agreements, farm leases, and more. Our team is dedicated to helping agribusinesses across the country succeed. Please contact our firm for more information.

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