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Mediation is about negotiation and compromise.

Through a facilitated dialogue and negotiation, mediation helps two parties to negotiate their differences. As an alternative dispute resolution method, mediation with a neutral person (“the mediator”) helps the two parties obtain a solution agreeable to both parties of the dispute. The outcome is not disclosed publicly.

As mediators, our attorneys focus on negotiating a resolution acceptable to both parties involved in the conflict. Through mediation, the two quarreling parties agree to meet at a neutral location to discuss the dispute and to explore a variety of solutions through a structured process led by the mediator. An advantage to mediation is that the parties will resolve their dispute through our firm’s mediator, rather than having a judge impose a decision on the parties. Many of the firm’s mediation cases are held in the privacy of the conference facilities in our offices.

Our Mediators Exhibit These Qualities:

Skilled Communicators. A matter is generally appropriate for mediation when relationships are strained, but, none-the-less, the dialogue must continue. Poor communication between parties typically leads the parties to seek a skilled neutral third party – our mediator – to facilitate communication and improve the interaction between the disputants.

“Neutrals” - Absence of Bias. Mediation can be time consuming. As mediators, we calmly keep the parties aligned to the issue at hand to draw a conclusion that satisfies both parties.

Good Listeners. Words matter. We typically advise the parties to refrain from speeches that draw attention away from the matter at hand. That way, we direct them through courteous prompting and proactive suggestions, to keep the parties on track.

Trustworthy & Honorable. Our mediators are selected due to their advocacy ability, their reputation in the field of law, and their genuine respect for the law.

Experience That Counts. Our attorneys are experienced in providing mediation services for matters involving high-net-worth estate plans, school board controversies, and high-profile cases that attract media attention.

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