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Private Judging

With private judging, parties with civil cases can take their dispute out of the traditional court system for resolution by a neutral third party.

The private judge, who is often a retired judge with expertise in the subject matter of the action, hears the case and makes a decision in a manner similar to an official court judge (Ohio cases only).

The private judge is selected and compensated for services by the two parties. The parties to the action or proceeding shall enter into a written agreement with the retired judge. The two parties must also secure the facility needed for the proceeding. Using the private judging alternative, the two motivated parties can resolve their dispute more quickly. Another outcome to private judging is that the concept helps to ease the overloaded court system.

Benefits of Private Judging

Calmer Environment: Working with a private judge means there are no trips taken to an actual physical courthouse, which adds the stress of inconvenience to the process. With a private judge, the parties can ensure that their hearing is scheduled at a time that is convenient for them.

Section 2701.10 of the Ohio Revised Code provides that the parties may agree to the referral of a civil action to a retired judge who shall hear the matter and enter the appropriate decision in the case.

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