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Arbitration is a more formal dispute resolution process than mediation.

It is used when a legal matter escalates to a more serious issue and both parties cannot reach an agreement. Particularly when an issue involves large amounts of money or very serious accusations, arbitration may be a wiser option than mediation. Arbitration is beneficial to both parties involved because it is less costly than litigation, and the process is faster and offers more privacy.

The main distinction between mediation and arbitration is who is responsible for making the final decision. With mediation, the final decision is reached between the two conflicting parties. Arbitration, on the other hand, requires a neutral party (“the arbitrator”) to analyze the details of the case and reach a decision. Although structured similarly to court hearings, arbitrations are shorter in duration, afford more privacy, and are conducted on a smaller scale than litigation matters.

Our Skilled Arbitrators
Our attorneys are high-quality neutrals and have served as arbitrators and have rendered final decisions on legal disputes.

We listen to each party’s argument, examine the evidence, and render final verdicts on the issues presented. We are guided by the principles of being impartial with no conflicts of interest, maintaining high ethical standards, and confidentiality throughout the arbitration process.
Our arbitrators have addressed issues and rendered decisions related to:

  • Real estate
  • Commercial and civil lawsuits
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Estate plan controversies

Depending on the conditions of the dispute or lawsuit, an arbitrator’s decision may be a binding decision or non-binding decision. Binding verdicts are court-enforced, while non-binding arbitration verdicts must be accepted by all parties to be sustained.

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