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Meet Our Summer Associates!

Join us in extending a warm welcome to our 2024 Summer Associates.

We are pleased to welcome our 2024 Summer Associates to the Firm! This talented group of aspiring legal professionals will be assisting our attorneys in a variety of practice areas over the course of the next few months. This summer, the students will have many opportunities to dive deeper into the practice of law by conducting important research, observing court proceedings, and drafting legal memos for attorneys. Their fresh, new perspective and passion for the law, will undoubtedly be contagious for us all this summer.

Collin Goldsberry- J.D. Candidate at CSU College of Law

Collin grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and attended Western Michigan University where he double majored in philosophy and political science. While in college, he interned with the Michigan Senate where he gained valuable experiences that have helped him throughout his education. He is currently enrolled in Cleveland State University’s College of Law, and just completed his second year. Collin’s interest in law began when he realized that becoming a lawyer was the best way he could use his talents to help others and have a direct influence on their lives. He is mainly interested in practicing civil litigation but is excited to gain experience in any practice area. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf and skiing, or spending time with his friends exploring the Cleveland area. Collin’s favorite part of working at Dooley Gembala is the exposure to all of the different areas of the law. He is able to work with attorneys in different practice areas and collaborate on a variety of projects, helping him to become more familiar with different practice areas.

Nicole Griffin- J.D. Candidate at Case Western Reserve College of Law

Nicole grew up in Brunswick, Ohio and attended Kent State University where she majored in Chemistry with a Biochemistry concentration. While she originally planned on pursuing a career in the medical field, she realized that law was the way to dive into her interest in public health policy. Nicole finished her first year of law school at Case Western Reserve this past spring, and while she is unsure what field of law she wants to go into, she is interested in health and domestic relations. A fun fact about Nicole is that during her undergraduate program, she performed research in a neuroendocrinology lab where she performed surgeries on mice. She enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and going to the Flats in downtown Cleveland with her friends or staying in and watching Legally Blonde with a coffee from one of the many coffee shops found in the city. Her favorite part of working at Dooley Gembala is the various opportunities she has to collaborate with the other interns. These experiences allow her to see problems in a new light and gain valuable insight.

Anxhela Dalipi- J.D. Candidate at Case Western Reserve College of Law

Anxhela was born in Greece and grew up in Albania. She moved to the United States when she was 11 years old and has lived in the Cleveland area ever since. Anxhela received her undergraduate degree from Baldwin Wallace University and majored in political science. While at BW, she had the opportunity to go on a variety of service trips, including helping at Martin Luther King Jr.’s non-violence home in Montgomery, Alabama, where she formed meaningful relationships with young children. Anxhela completed her second year of law school at Case Western this past spring and is interested in going into business and immigration law.  Her experience as an immigrant has fueled her passion for the field and she wants to help others who are new to the country and are unsure where to go once they arrive here. One of her favorite activities is trying new restaurants with her friends in the Cleveland area and spending time in the city. Her favorite part of working at Dooley Gembala is the new challenges and experiences that come with each day. Her experiences working with different attorneys have exposed her to different areas of the law, and have helped her to gain experience in new areas.

Luciano Valerio- J.D. Candidate at Case Western Reserve College of Law

Luciano grew up in the town of Crabtree, Pennsylvania and attended Fordham University in New York where he played soccer. He double majored in philosophy and economics, and minored in Chinese and Medieval History. His interest in law began in his philosophy courses in college where he became fascinated with how arguments are formed. He recently completed his second year of law school at Case Western, and is particularly interested in practicing civil litigation. A fun fact about Luciano is that after high school, he took a trip to Montreal where he purchased a harp that was almost confiscated by customs on his way home. However, he was able to keep the harp and even played it at his aunt’s wedding the following year! In his free time, Luciano enjoys attending summer festivals in Cleveland, or staying home and watching the Golden Girls. His favorite part about working at Dooley Gembala is the interesting work he gets to help with and the clients he gets to interact with.

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