Water and Wastewater

Like tanks, our rural water clients come in all shapes and sizes.

With the increasing concern about water as one of the world’s most valuable resources, our lawyers advise and represent a wide variety of clients across the Midwest in all types of water matters. From water rights to water supply development and water quality issues, we effectively represent our clients’ interests in federal and state court litigation, and likewise in contested administrative proceedings.

We also counsel many rural water authorities on issues that arise from their operation as a non-profit or Chapter 6119 political subdivision. In that regard, we also provide extensive representation to water authorities seeking to expand their service territory through eminent domain proceedings. Our knowledge of state and federal law governing such water rights is unparalleled in the Midwest, and serves as the benchmark for our success on behalf of our clients in the protection of their state and federal rights. This involves complex litigation to enforce the protections afforded by 7 U.S.C. § 1926(b), and the preceding requirements, including obtaining federal grants.

Natural Resources & Environmental

Promoting growth while practicing sustainability.

Dooley Gembala’s Natural Resources practice focuses on oil and gas, water, and environmental law. With ever-increasing regulations governing our interaction with the environment, businesses and individuals alike benefit from counsel experienced in environmental litigation at all levels. Our attorneys routinely practice in state and federal courts, and appear before the various administrative bodies responsible for enforcing environmental regulations, including the Environmental Protection Agency. It is our job to maintain a constant watch on the legal climate affecting our clients, and to provide proactive solutions to environmental issues.


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