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Anthony “Tony” Pecora grew up on his family farm south of Wakeman, Ohio. There, he was raised to appreciate nature, the environment and the value of hard work. After graduating high school at Norwalk St. Paul, Anthony went on to receive his B.Ed. from the University of Toledo, majoring in Secondary Education with a minor in Political Science and History. Stemming from his desire to serve the public and help those in need, Anthony attended law school at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, graduating in 1998.

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Upon passing the Ohio Bar, Anthony became a magistrate in the Lorain County Domestic Relations Court. His duties as magistrate included assisting his appointing judge with legal research, conducting pre-trials and hearings as well as assisting attorneys in resolving pending litigation.  Recognizing the need to represent individuals in the private sector, Anthony joined the law firm in 2001. After years of hard-work and determination, Anthony was named Partner and a Director in 2013.

After two decades as an attorney, Anthony’s practice areas include general litigation, public sector, general business, employment, cemetery law, mediation and family law.  He has also represented individuals and businesses in the evolving cannabis industry.

In addition, Anthony has been a dedicated public servant since 2007 as the City of Amherst, Ohio Law Director.  In his capacity as Law Director, Anthony is the Chief Legal Advisor to Amherst administration officials including the Mayor and City Council. His strong municipal law knowledge allows him to enhance OMDP’s already exceptional Public Sector Practice Group.

When not practicing law, Anthony enjoys reading, cooking, running, hiking, gardening and spending time with his wife Jessica and 6 children.


As OMDP’s Family Law practitioner, Anthony helps clients navigate through the ever complex issues arising in domestic disputes, such as taxes, retirement, property division, asset valuations, alimony, child support, custody, visitation, real estate division, credit, contempt, just to name a few. Anthony is recognized as a leader and an expert in this field of practice thanks to decades of experience,  dedication to clients, strong work ethic, accessibility and effectiveness in Lorain County and surrounding areas.

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